Private Spearfishing Trip From Athens
Athens , Greece

Private Spearfishing Trip From Athens

Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing that has been used throughout the world for millennia. Greece, with its different types of sea beds, the countless islands and different fish species is ideal for spearfishing. Dive into the pure Greek waters and after a skillful shot, emerge with a great catch!
There are several techniques and special gear that can be used for local fish species and habitat. In this spearfishing private trip you can either have your private certified instructor that can give you top notch training, both in theoretical and practical (dives) field, or you can just have your spearfishing “buddy” and have a full spearfishing day with a rib boat. Along with the spearfishing course option, there is a private villa option where you can relax after your dives and praise the unique sunsets just by the sea.
After your dive, there is an optional stop at a traditional Greek restaurant nearby where you can taste Greek delicacies or even your catch and a nice wine.

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