TRU KAYAK – Crossing the Uruguay River

 TRU KAYAK – Crossing the Uruguay River

Our crossings are developed in carefully chosen places, most of which still retain their primitive state. (From Buenos Aires, by Auto-track 4 hours.) .-

We use this activity in order to learn, share, show and explore the beauties of nature, in a very healthy and healthy way for the body and the spirit.-

We visit wonderful places, to which It can only be accessed by water and by kayak. Thus guaranteeing a framework of absolute tranquility and peace.

This allows us to observe:
#A great variety of native and exotic flora.
#Wild Fauna.
# Bird watching.
# Autochthonous landscapes.

This is a possible challenge with:
# Adequate safety and comfort elements.
#Common sense and desire to have a good time.
# Positive and adventurous spirit in the face of adversity.
#Much respect for nature and its beings.

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